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TomTom Android Europe 1.2 Full + Cracked.rar
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2013-05-21 20:32:25 GMT
ScorpioPirate Trusted

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TomTom Android Europa v.1.2 Full + Cracked
I have made this build easy to install :)
First: Copy both "tomtom" and "TomTom_Europe_v1.2_1252928_Cracked" in the ROOT of your SD-Card
Second: Install "TomTom_Europe_v1.2_1252928_Cracked" and your done :)
Drive safely guy's and girls :)
Have fun :)
ScorpioPirate :) 


Ohhhhh... Forget to write: the maps are 910.4892

Have fun Guy's :)
Seems to work fine here. On a new HTC ONE
muy bueno. enhorabuena galaxy s3
muy bueno. enhorabuena v 1.2 y mapa 910. galaxy s3
Not able to connect to TomTom (translated something like this) after installing....
Works perfectly, but..

could you add speed camera function aswell?
I've tried it on Note 2 and S4 with no luck....
Although the program and the map is great. I do not see how to get the speed cam.
galaxy s3
Works nice on my Samsung Galaxy S2.
Thank's a lot!!!
Thank U very much for this nice app! Is this upgradable?
Can I remove all maps I don't need and leave only a single country?
You're a liar...
Map:Europe v910.4892 ??????????????????
This is the Map:Europe v900.4617
Hey ScorpioPirate,
Do you have the v1.2 for America/Canada/Mex?

You're an idiot.
The map is v910.4892

Thanks! But can you upload maps v910.4963? :)
Copy on my /sdcard/
booth tomtom folder and .APK
running the APK, installed really quick Oo
when come moment to launch tomtom europe
could not connected to tomtom .. try later or canceled

did I done something wrong ? look it working on @Blodgrape Htc One ? I also have HTC One
It works fine with my Galaxy S4!!!

Follow the instructions guys!
For Example, I put in SD card


it will return error message
Not able to connect to TomTom..

Once I moved to the root of SD card


that worked!

so what I did:
1. unzip the file on PC
2.copy tomtom folder to root of SD card (in tomtom folder you will find com.tomtom.europe/ folder in there)
3. copy the TomTom_Exxx.apk to root of sd card and install it.

need speedcam and hd traffic too
Is there a way to change the language ?
Used to work fine on GN3. Stopped working after installing 4.4.2. Attempts to connect to tomtom.
Works perfectly.

Used a New micro SD (from
Formated the card in the mobile (not sure if it matters)
Followed instructions by uploader
Installed Astro File manager from my app store (Google)
Used Astro to find the Tomtom file
Clicked on tomtom logo
Allowed to install from unknown source
Installed and Works!

Good luck

Worked on Galaxy S3, S4 and HTC Desire HD