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Police Scanner Radio PRO v3.9 Android
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2012-06-22 03:15:16 GMT

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Police Scanner Radio PRO v3.9
Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Overview: Police Scanner Radio PRO has the most police radio available. Listen anywhere.
Police Scanner Radio PRO has the most police scanner radio available.
Police Scanner Radio PRO includes a custom radio player to save battery.
Radio streams can be resumed at startup so you can quickly listen to your favorite police radio bands.
Police Radio 10-codes are included for quick reference so you can understand the chatter on the police radio.
Auto resume last police scanner radio station. Now with more scanner stations.
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Hello. Does require internet connection?
OMFG Thank you so much bone good work man keep it up bro.
Yes it requires internet if you got a droid u got internet that is dumb question imo.
all these downloads and no one thanked bone wtf u greedy bastards can atleast say hey thanx works great something
I normally do not do request cause I don't like bugging folks but if you could uh upload full version of latest pdanet tethering app that would be awesome ty bone.
As always BONE top quality work ,thank you to you and your team ( THE BEST )
may b a silly question but it only works in America i assume?
Works great, just wish it had more specialized location choices. It has my county and like 4 other counties that are a good distance away.
This is fake! The Swedish police speaks Swedish, not American English...
Why don't you seed??????????
THX...will give it whirl and seed if works and by the looks of comments it is a most definite
having issues installing on my asus tf300, i am not rooted do i need to do anything special?
thank you
Awesome app BONE.. ThankYOu :)
@Boodar the question wasn't dumb, you are the dumb one, plus a definite cock sucker.

@ prplxr the fact you can't use it in sweden doesn't mean it's fake.
Thanks Bone!
can someone explain me how to install on my android phone thx :)
Once again...THANK YOU .BONE!
This app is entertaining as hell to listen to :)
how do u get this from this site to my android phone? And for all you Haters im not stupid just old! So help a old guy out! Thanx
@jethro59 if its not already done. go to settings, security, accept unknow application (or something that kind), download this app, put the .apk file in your device, find it and install. cheers
Thanks Bone! Muito obrigado mesmo!